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Welcome to the Repository

We've improved how you locate and use PCS information. Miss the old format? Click here to revisit the Resources page.

It's All Here

Your Session and Meeting Books, all in one place 

   Note: Session books are published the Thursday before every seminar.

Resources For Offices

  • CA Tools. A Page dedicated to helping Chiropractic Assistants save time and steps.

  • Pinnacle Forms.​ New and Updated Pinnacle Forms with useful and innovative features.

  • CA Hiring and Onboarding Toolkit. Best practices and tools for your CA Hiring process. Includes Job Postings, Applicant Screening Script,  First Day requirements and resources, and the Initial Training flow. 

  • Classifieds. Buying? Selling? In search of equipment or a  seminar roommate? It's all here!

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