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Staff Onboarding2

Staff Onboarding Toolkit

This resource contains tools and best-practices on how to hire, onboard, and train your new staff.

Hiring Process

First Day

After you have made your candidate selection, prepare an Employee Records Folder for your new hire's documents.  Labeled this folder with their name and date of hire. Include the following:

  • Their Resume

  • Application For Employment 

  • Any notes you may have made during the hiring process or on the CA Interview Questionnaire

  • Completed I-9 with photocopied forms of identification    

  • Completed W-4

  • The signed last page of the Office Policy Manual

  • Executed Employee Contract outlining compensation, hours, etc.

  • Add the new hire to your Payroll Software including their direct deposit banking information

Set staff expectations and communicate the do's and don't of your practice.

  • Customize the Office Policy Manual for your practice. Print the full policy, and then have your staff read the manual and sign the last page.

  • Create and fully execute (meaning both parties sign) an Employee Contract.

Create a Training Binder for your new staff. Set your new team member up for success by preparing a three-ring binder with the resources they will need to become a successful CA for your practice. Print a copy of each for your new assistant: 


Use a training roadmap to onboard your new hire. Taking this stepwise approach to training staff builds skills, confidence, and avoids overwhelming your new team member.

This Flow is designed for you to cover one topic at a time with your new CA. When staff demonstrates an acceptable working knowledge, then move on to the next training topic. This builds knowledge and mastery in your new assistant and allows them to see what exciting new topics are coming up next!


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