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John Nab Information Page - 10/11/23

Hello Owners,

I would like to take a moment before you read Dr. Nab's proposal to be our Executive Director of PCS, to point out a few of the overall strengths and reasons that the Board unanimously feels he is the right person for the job, after interviewing and vetting him.

  1. He made several concessions during contract negotiations, a big one being a $12k/month salary instead of his original proposed $15k/month salary, (That is a 20% salary reduction). Another was reducing his tail bonus from 12 months to six months if he parts ways with PCS. He did this because he believes in PCS and our future growth! He truly feels he can help PCS so much that he is willing to take a lower guaranteed pay for the potential of a bonus based on his performance and the growth potential of PCS.

  2. He sees the value and significance of PCS to the chiropractic profession. He believes not only in PCS but the family it consists of and wants to be a part of our story!

  3. He has a long list of credentials and an extensive history in the chiropractic profession. His value in spreading our message and purpose to other chiropractic organizations and colleges alone is priceless. With him on our team we will be gaining significant exposure in chiropractic. He truly understands the importance of PCS and our role in the growth and future of the chiropractic profession.


I’d like to take a moment to thank Breanna Batey, Mudd Rao, Brent Hendon, and Scott Farley for volunteering at the boards request, to taking care of the contract negotiations with Dr. Nab.

To the Owners that were unable to be at the owners meeting in Kansas City for Dr. Nab's presentation, please click here or go to the Owners Lounge on the website for the link to watch it.

As a board we are encouraging all owners to take the time to review Dr. Nab's presentation and the agreed-upon proposal from him below to be our Executive Director, and then vote.

The voting will close Monday, October 16. This will give the Board and Dr. Nab time to get him prepared two weeks in advance of the Tulsa seminar if the majority of the owners vote yes.

Thank you for taking the time to review all of the information and to vote on this important next step for the future of PCS!

View Dr. John Nab's Proposal 

Watch the Video

Dr. Grady's thoughts

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